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Will you buy this USD 5,000 iPhone inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck?

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Let’s agree the Tesla Cybertruck is no inspiration for good aesthetics or price. However, a Russian luxury electronics studio Caviar decided to take inspiration from the metal block of a truck to design an overwhelmingly priced iPhone.
Called ‘Cyberphone’, the device is an iPhone 11 Pro resting in a Cybertruck-style titanium body case. According to Mashable, the 64GB base model of the Cyberphone starts at USD 5,256 and there will ever be only 99 units.
Those willing to shed the extra dollars for an otherwise USD 999 model can pre-order the Cyberphone on the Caviar website. Oh, and for those who really want to raise the bar, there’s also a Cybertruck-ised iPhone 11 Pro Max model on offer. (ANI)

This Story has been sourced from ANI

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