Top 5 Mobile Accessories under Rs 250 –


<![CDATA[Mobile now becomes an information part of everyone's life and we can not survive for a minute without our mobile phone. We all use mobile phones for different use some of us use this for email, Internet, Some of for Gaming or Camera and we all buy mobiles depends on our usage and budget.
But one thing that we all are very fond of is the accessories for our mobile phone. We always looking for some accessories to make our mobile phone attractive and to use this more effectively. Today we will share some of the mobile phone accessories that come under Rs 250 and adds some extra features to your phone.
Top 5 Mobile Accessories under Rs 250

  1. Universal Camera Lens Kit: The Photron Universal 3 in 1 lens kit is a pocket-sized photography powerhouse. With three different lenses designed to enhance your mobile images, you’ll always be able to find one to suit the subject you want to capture. Three Great Lenses in one kit: The fisheye, macro, and wide angle lenses give you an array of shooting options to help you for Awesome Mobile Photography. The universal design of the kit allows you to use it easily with a multitude of different portable devices, so you can always take great shots on the go. You can buy this from Amazon Rs 249Click Here
  2. Silicone Thumbs up Phone Stand: Mobile phone holder that can be used at home and offices to hold the mobile phone. This is also very helpful when you are traveling and use your mobile phone to watch movies and video.  You can buy this from Amazon Rs 140Click Here
  3. LED Spotlight Smartphone: The portable multifunctional mini flashlight built-in 16 LED bulbs. It can use the free application iblazr with iOS, Android and WP8 smartphones and tablet computers for synchronous connection. Can in the case of insufficient light photos, an effect is remarkable. Take the best accessories. Provide three powerful lighting model to meet the needs of the different scenarios. Photo and video mode available. The built-in rechargeable battery, will not be consumed the power of the smartphone. Can make independent lighting as an auxiliary lamp. This can also be very helpful for those who don’t have flash in front camera and you can use this as the flash for your selfies. You can buy this from Amazon Rs 210Click Here
  4. Prime Selfie Stick: The highly adjustable and easy-to-use selfie stick is the perfect partner, allowing you to take close-up or high angle shots. Allows you to take a self-photograph or group photos easily with a better photo sight. Portable design makes it easy for you to carry the selfie stick in your backpack. Suitable for Android phones. You can buy this from Amazon Rs 195 – Click Here
  5. Flexible USB LED Light Lamp: Ease your post-dawn reading time with the Inventis USB LED Light Lamp. It is an ideal choice for students and work-personnel who sit up late in the night for various endeavors. The LED Light Lamp provides clear light to help you study and work more effectively. The pure white light of this lamp adds sharp brightness for enhanced visibility. You just have to plug-in its USB-pin into your laptop and it gets powered. Place the LED Light Lamp over your book or laptop keyboard for enhanced accuracy with your work. You can buy this from Amazon Rs 46 – Click Here