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Top 5 gadgets that you must have after this global pandemic!



Top 5 gadgets that you must have after this global pandemic!

COVID-19 has made the year 2020 really worst. None of us would have ever thought of such time when we will be locked down under our own homes. Though people always thrived for some leaves from the continuous work and hassling daily life. They also wanted to have fun and chill at home but nothing went on like the plan. People have been getting bored of living the same routine for almost the last three months and some are actually living the worst days of their life. As life has changed so drastically, there would be some changes that might remain for a long time with us. Social distancing and hygiene maintenance will be one of them. So we have picked up some necessary gadgets for you that will help to be safe in this global pandemic.

Kent fruit and vegetable disinfectant

Kent fruit and vegetable disinfectant

In this crucial time, make sure to use fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with them, pay attention to the cleanliness of these products too. Kent water purifier comes with a fruit and vegetable disinfectant technology that will help you stay healthy. Just bring fruits from the market and put them in a clean bowl. Then put the dispenser into it. The work is done so easily now without your physical contact.

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Personalized waterproof keyboard

NSinc – Silicone Flexible Soft Roll-up Waterproof Portable USB Wired Keyboard

Well, there are always keyboards at the office but who knows the various users of it. You might use sanitizer but for how long. So it is better to have your own keyboard. It is better to have one with the water-resistant property. This will save you from the danger of viruses and the use of gloves.

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Fitbit Unisex Versa

Yes, this can be the ultimate solution to not fall prey to the deadly virus. We often touch our phones with unwashed hands and put our phones here and there. You back over of phone or screen might include many touches. Also, this will make it easier for you to check notifications and puck up calls. This will minimize your habit of checking phones continuously and will save your eyes from harmful radiation. Moreover, there are many other benefits of owning a Fitbit too.

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Sensory taps

JPS(tm) Brass Touchless Hand-Free Sensor Automatic Tap

As we know that washing hands for the twenty-second duration with soap thoroughly. You might need to wash hands after nature’s call and many other activities. It is not confirmed that you will get to use the home tap always. So in this case, every public place, office, or even household should adapt to sensory taps. It will help you avoid contact with the tap with unhygienic hands.

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UV light display

Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Portable UV Light Sanitizer

The airports and much other public organizations have already started using it. UV rays are said to be able to kill the deadly virus. Though it can’t be used on the human body due to harmful effects. It can be used to sanitize the stuff that is not waterproof. This will also save time and money in the long run for industries.

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