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This smart gadget will secure home and let you connected with your loved ones

Qubo smart indoor camera with Alexa built-in connects you with the things that matter the most while you are away.



Whenever we go out or away from our house, it’s always a big worry where our house is safe our family members of love are safe in the house. Now, in this world of technology, we have some gadgets that help us to feel safe and secure. Today, we are going to share smart indoor camera which is not only a camera but you can do much from this. Qubo Smart Indoor Camera with Alexa Built-In causes you remotely screen your home 24×7 and even speak with your family. It’s furnished with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence highlights, for example, Person Detection, Face Recognition and Baby Cry Alert. It is exceptionally verified and scrambled as we esteem your protection. Qubo smart indoor camera review is also good and it has a 4-star rating on Amazon.

Qubo has a Best in class Camera

Live Remote Monitoring

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera helps you to look after your family and home when you are away from them. Qubo will give you remote access to watch FHD videos in 1080p video quality and 140 ultra-wide view angle.

Way Talk & Night Vision

It comes with a built-in mic & speaker and you can hear what’s happening at home and if required you can instantly talkback with your family members from the Qubo app. It also integrated with the night vision that automatically switches at night to give you a more clear image in dark and night.

Powered with Advanced AI

It comes with an Alexa a cloud-based voice service from which you can give commands from voice to play music, read out news, control smart home devices etc. You can also connect it with your smart home and control & remotely manage all Alexa compatible Wi-Fi and Zigbee devices. Deep Learning Technique and embedded them to our algorithms to solve real-world use-cases like detecting different objects in an image, differentiating person from pets, recognizing faces, detect the crying sound of babies etc.


Qubo Smart Indoor Camera has secure silicon with PKI based root-of-trust at all software layers to avoid device software tampering and protect against compromised by malware. Data transmission between the device and cloud or between our mobile application and cloud is secure, confidential, private, protected and comply to standardised cryptographic algorithms.

Features and Specification of Qubo Smart Indoor Camera

  • Best in class 1080p FHD Camera with ultra-wide Lens of 140 deg (Field Of View)
  • Seamless 2-way talk Communication with 2 Far-Field mic array
  • Person Detection: — Advanced AI capabilities that can smartly detect & notify whenever a person is detected
  • Face Recognition: Store known faces in this device and create custom automated alerts for those faces on your phone
  • Baby Cry alert: — Instantly notifies you whenever it detects your baby crying, ensuring that you don’t miss out any critical moment
  • Alexa Built-In: — Alexa can play music, read out the news, check the weather, control smart home devices and many more, all you have to do is ask
  • Smart Home Hub: — Qubo allows you to control and remotely manage all Alexa compatible Wi-Fi devices & Qubo range of Zigbee devices
  • Data Storage: Up to 128GB SD Card Storage support; Subscription Plans for Cloud Storage available too
  • Infrared Night Vision

Qubo smart indoor camera price

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