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The popular online games (PUBG) – Blessing OR Curse?


Since the 90s, most of us know about online video games very well. Along with duration, these games have developed drastically so much that now children prefer online games more than anything else. No doubt the games have become the heartthrob of teenagers and the young generation.
Amazingly crafted suspenseful and tough stages make such games more extraordinary and people get addicted to it deeply. Some even forget everything at that instant of gaming. PUBG has been really famous in India recently and everyone drools over the screenplay, animation, VFX, theme, and concept of the game. This game is basically another Clash of Clans or Call of Duty with some added features and different stories. You are simply doing the same things in a different way for a different reason. Although the game has a really attractive interface and is user-friendly. It has also no major risk of data theft or privacy leakage but hacking has drastically taken over the game. Users often complain of such unexplainable activities within the gameplay by hackers. To know the good and bad effects better, it needs to be customized differently.


The very worst trouble regarding the game lies more within the gamer instead of the game itself. That’s why parents should act fast for the teenagers being drastically addicted to the online game leaving their real-life behind. Not just teenagers but people from different age groups are addicted to it but they get out of the phase accordingly due to strong control over mind and responsibilities.
Teenagers, in that case, are lagging behind from both the factors. The game has elongated it’s play duration from break hours while study to a whole day and night. People are crazy over the win of the game generally called “ Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Now let’s take the arrow aside to the
parents who are allowing their children to ruin their valuable time like this. Well, this can only partially justified because some parents have succeeded in controlling their kids. Whereas some others had to face strong aggression and stupid harmful steps from their children. So the addition is clearly not a single person fault but a failure of the whole society. This has effect the user’s mental and physical health. It also snatched your creativity and opportunity to learn something real and productive.
Some reports say that PUBG is making the youth aggressive and fierce due to it’s similar tasks in the game. It has affect the thinking patter of the young minds and they seem to cut politeness, sincerity, kindness etc. From their daily life too.


Gaming helps in refreshing and boosts memory but only if done in a limit. Though some exceptional cases are when you end up being a game tester, developer, or tournament winner. The short term addiction gives an escape from reality. Though coordination should be maintained strictly to not do
the same mistake as the boy from Punjab who spent 16 lacs of his father into PUBG

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