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Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now, and you bet Epic Games wants to keep it that way. How? By continuously updating the game with new content such as skins, weapons, loot, challenges and more. Season 6 has just kicked off, so let’s take a look at everything that’s new with Fortnite.

It seems that Fortnite is getting into the Halloween spirit early, as the Season 6 update has radically changed the normally rather cheery battle island into a spooky isle of dread. 

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Go ghost with Shadow Stones

Shadow Stones are the newest consumable item in Fortnite, and one of the most significant additions in terms of gameplay. Using them turns you into Shadow Form, with some advantages and disadvantages. You can’t use weapons in Shadow Form, but you are invisible (at least while standing still), immune to fall damage and your run speed and jump get boosted.  Use your primary fire button to phase forward through any solid object like a ghost (alternate fire/aim aborts this).

These Shadow Stones bring a new dimension of play. / © Epic Games

According to Epic’s patch notes, you’ll be able to find Shadow Stones around areas that have become “corrupted,” so look around for these in the spookiest parts of the island. Namely…

New haunted island areas

Darkness has indeed risen on Fortnite island, shrouding the land. But it’s more than just a layer of gloom. Brand new areas are also available. Floating Island, Corrupted Areas, Corn Fields and Haunted Castle are a few new locations that have already been teased, but there are more to discover.

Here’s the season 6 map…notice anything different? / © Epic Games

See the new darkened areas in the above map? Those are the corrupted areas where you’re likely to find Shadow Stones.

Scary new skins

Each season of Fortnite introduces new skins to win through progressing through the Battle Pass. The skins tend to be informed by certain themes, such as superheroes in season 4. So far the spookiest of the new season 6 skins appear to be werewolf-themed, with characters appearing more and more bestial as you progress through the tiers.

Aside from the lycanthrophic ‘Full Moon’ skin theme, the big bad wolf also gets a Red Riding Hood outfit as part of the fairytale themed ‘Fable’ set. There’s also new Wild West skins and a DJ-themed ‘Twin Turntable’ set.

Pets are in!

It’s not all grim and gloom in Fortnite season 6: there are also cute pets! These animals that can be swapped in  your choice of Back Bling. Official season six teasers show a lizard, dog and dragon, called Camo, Bonesy, and Scales.

Bork the spooky darkness away, Bonesy! / © Epic Games

Epic says they’ll react to different situations you’ll find yourself in, and we expect that there’ll be even more critters than can be unlocked through the Battle Pass.

All new Season 6 Battle Pass.

The pass offers players 100 unlockable tiers with more than 100 items. The unlocks are gained by earning battle stars which you can get either through completing challenges or earning experience in the Battle Royale matches.

The price? Still 950 V-bucks ($9.50), but there’s also a free Battle Pass with different rewards to that you can challenge yourself without spending.

And much, much more…

Those are the main changes to Fortnite Battle Royale, but there’s a lot more going on including balance adjustments , the vaulting of some weapons and convenience tweaks such as now being able to freely customize controller bindings. To get the full list of changes, you can comb through Epic Games’ extensive patch notes. 

Are you excited to start Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale? What have you discovered so far?

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