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Tech News – Zoom is now the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store

Zoom has left Whatsapp, TikTok and Instagram left in the race of most downloaded app

During this period of lockdown when people are staying at home and many of the organizations are into the loss as there is no business for them, but there are few who are getting most of the benefit because of this lockdown.

Remember, the day when De-Monetization happened there a company called PayTM who become on the top within days. Everyone started doing cashless transactions. Now, kind of similar thing happened with the Zoom a video calling app.

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Zoom is a Video calling app through which users can do video calls with others and its mainly used by the organizations and their employees. Now during the lockdown period due to this pandemic situation almost all the corporate employees doing work from home and using Video calling apps to connect with their colleagues and clients through video calls and now using apps like zoom. Which makes the Zoom most downloaded app on Google Play Store.

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