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Smart Ring that can predict COVID 19 infection



As the NBA moves closer to returning to action, the league is working on numerous plans to ensure that everybody inside the ‘Bubble’ in Disney World will be safe and healthy. One solution the league came up with is to offer players a high-tech smart ring that is capable of predicting whether the wearer is infected with COVID-19.
The Oura smart ring records physiological data such as body temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate. That data can then be used to predict if the wearer is likely to show symptoms of COVID-19. Researchers from the West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute were able to use the data to predict with 90% accuracy whether a person was infected with the virus three days before they started showing symptoms.

The league said that all medical data would remain confidential and that teams would only have access to it if a player receives an alert that they may have contracted the coronavirus.

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