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How to Improve Instagram Post Engagement?



This article is dedicated to the people who want to know the tips to increase Instagram engagement. Social media is all about engagement and that is why it is important to manage it. Posts are a significant part of Instagram and they decide your popularity as well. To increase Instagram engagement on your posts, here are some of the tips that can help you.

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Make your posts consistent

The first and foremost thing to follow is: BE REGULAR. To increase Instagram engagement on posts, you must be consistent. Post regularly to show your dedication and seriousness towards the work to your audience.

Moreover, your audience will become habitual of your posts and content by regular updates. That’s why it is one of the best ways to increase Instagram engagement.

Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are really important on social media to set a remark and increase visibility. Your hashtags provide your posts a specific identity and increase instagram engagement. These posts will be seen by the interested audience and they will reach your profile.

Using appropriate hashtags which are trending is a really important task. So, increase engagement on instagram by providing your post a particular category.

Select one filter and keep it constant

The sincerity you show through your posts goes a long way. Therefore, to increase instagram engagement, keep a consistency in your posts. The designs, fonts, size, patterns and even the filters should have a consistency.

Select the best one to be used regularly. This will create your own style and let your audience recognise you by that. This is one of the ways to increase instagram engagement.

Regularly post stories

Stories on instagram is a great way to increase instagram engagement. They appear on the top of the screen of the newsfeed and thus, have higher chances to be viewed. Post your stories regularly to give your instagram marketing the visibility benefit.

When the audience regularly views your stories, your discipline becomes inevitable. Increase instagram engagement by making proper use of this story feature provided by it.

Interact with your followers and viewers

Interaction makes it personal and therefore, is a vital act to perform. The influencers or business owners who interact with their audience have much more value. It is again one of the best ways to increase instagram engagement.

Use interactive stickers of polls, Q&As and ratings to make your audience feel valuable. It will increase your authenticity and develop a connection. In this way it will help you to increase engagement on instagram posts as the audience feel connected.

Do not let your followers feel fatigue

Have you ever seen the pages urging their audience to do a lot of things? Well, that is not a good way to increase instagram engagement. Shouting out loud about your new posts is not going to get you an audience. Atleast, not for a long term.

Your audience will start feeling as if you are desperate and rushing them. So, to increase engagement on instagram, make your audience feel relaxed. Provide them the posts they like and you will get your required attention on those posts.

Mention other profiles

Always remember to mention or tag other profiles and brands in your stories and posts. If you are posting about an influencer, mention them. If you are posting about a brand, mention them. It is one of the organic ways to increase engagement on instagram.

This way those profiles can repost or share your posts and stories as well. You will be viewed by their audience as well. Therefore, you will end up with increased instagram engagement on your posts.

Explore Instagram’s features

Instagram provides you a lot of features and tools to increase engagement on instagram. These tools include the sticker functions, stories, IGTVs and so on. Use the stickers wisely and let your stories become much more attractive.

Use the various filters to make your posts better to watch. This will help you to increase instagram engagement on your posts.

Be true to yourself and your audience

Last but not the least, this is one of the significant ways to increase instagram followers. You must stay true to yourself and your audience. The authentic content provides you much more benefits than relying on others’ reviews and ideas.

To increase engagement on instagram, keep your content factually and logically correct. The viewers are smart and they can easily catch the points where you go wrong.

In order to achieve farther goals, you shouldn’t end up with a bad image. Thus, keep your posts in the true picture and do not entertain falsehood to increase Instagram engagement.

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