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Homeland – Your World of Homes, Land and Property. Where you can Post, Promotes and connect your Homes, Land and Property to the World.

KOLKATA, India, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Homeland is a British Online platform by Lam Aid Ltd. (An UK based MNC, pioneering in web based and hybrid mobile based applications, in diversified domains), which is The World of Home, Land and Property. This is a pair of hybrid mobile applications that are available for Android as well as iOS devices. Homeland Registrant is the real estate mobile app whereas HomeLand Tenant is the app designed for convenient search of properties in their nearby areas.     

We feel glad to announce the launch of our mobile applications to search the property for rent, sell and buy which is a pair of Homeland Tenant and Homeland Registrant applications. We have developed these mobile applications for allowing real estate users to promote their country and its home, property and land by submitting their valuable ads around the globe. Homeland Registrant app is useful for Agents/Owners of home, land and property while Homeland Tenant app is useful for users or buyers of home, land property.

Homeland Registrant App provides features to owners of home/land/property discussed as below:

  • Homeland Registrant app is designed for allowing real estate owners to rent and sell property online around the world.
  • This instant property selling app can be used for registering different types of properties such as a farmhouse, villa, office space, shop, etc by specifying the property title, sale type, property area in m2, Property type, no. of bedrooms, bathrooms, and property price. Along with this, property owners need to mention the country, state of the property, i.e. the location of the property.
  • Moreover, while registering a property online, homeland registrant app allows sellers to click the pictures of property for sale or rent. The Registrant app automatically picks location of the property at the time of click which helps buyers to easily see the property on map. Meanwhile the seller also need to mention short description about the property to be sold, contact information (owner name, contact number) and booking amount and property photos.
  • Property sellers can also view the Sales report that shows the information about the properties at the sale. This feature also shows information such as property id, date of property registered on sale, property type, area, price, and minimum booking amount.
  • Another major feature of homeland registrant app is that while registering property for sale or rent, sellers can mention the price of the property in his own selected currency such as USD, INR, BDT, AUD, Dinar, etc.
  • In addition, “Registered Properties” is another feature that helps sellers to view all the properties registered by him on the Homeland Registrant App.  This feature allows sellers to view details of the registered property such as date, property type, sales type, bedrooms, bathrooms, and price etc.
  • My Payments” option is also available at Homeland Registrant app that allows property owners/sellers to view details of the packages selected (payment date, package amount paid) for registering property online on sale or rent.

What we are offering:

We are offering 5 types of membership plans for registering properties for sale and rent through Registrant App which are as follows:

  • Free – 1 Month validity period/0 USD (Maximum limit on property upload=1)
  • Monthly Subscription – 3 Months/45 USD(Maximum limit on property upload =3)
  • BRONZE: Yearly Subscription – 12 Months/150 USD(Maximum limit on property upload =12)
  • SILVER – 24 Months/240 USD(Maximum limit on property upload upload =24)
  • GOLD – 36 Months/350 USD(Maximum limit on property upload =35)

Special features of Homeland Tenant app include the following:

  • Search Properties” option is one such feature that allows buyers to select any of the fields such as sale type, property type, price range etc to search property online.
  • Search Properties” feature is available in two options i.e. “List Search” and “Map Search”. LIST SEARCH option allows buyers to select any of the fields such as sale type, property type, price range etc. and view properties in list form. On the other hand, MAP SEARCH option shows the search results on a map. Three options are available for map search which includes 10kms, 30kms and 50kms and by selecting any of these options buyers can view the property listed within the selected distance range.
  • Another major feature of the Homeland Tenant app is that it allows buyers to buy properties that are one sale using “Buy” feature available on the app. On the other hand, if buyers want to purchase a property that is listed by sellers on rent then buyers can use the “Rent” option. They can view the available properties in their nearby area on map also.
  • Along with the “Buy” and “Rent” option, buyers can use distance scroll option for searching the property within the distance range of 5km, 10km and 15km.
  • This app allows buyers to view all details of the listed property along with the uploaded photos of the property on sale/rent before contacting the property owner or seller.
  • Homeland Tenant app connects tenants and buyers with property owners and  allows buyers to view the property price along with other details of property on sale/rent. To buy the listed property, Homeland Tenant app allows buyers to contact the seller through contact information (Seller name, and phone number) given along with the property details such as property name, type, etc. All negotiation and payments between buyers and sellers happen outside the app directly between both parties. So app works for property search and contact.

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