Google Home Hub smart display shown off in new leak



Google Home Hub smart display leak

Smart displays are a new category for Google. The company announced this new product category at the start of 2018, and then months later the first smart display launched thanks to Lenovo. Now it looks like Google is gearing up to launch its own smart screen.

Newly leaked images claim to show the Google Home Hub, which is rumored to be a smart display device with a 7-inch touchscreen. Around on the back of the display is a large speaker with a fabric covering.

Google Home Hub smart display speaker

Most of the features of the Google Home Hub are a mystery, but today’s leak does suggest that 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi will be included as well as Bluetooth. We could also see a camera included for video calling, but there’s no confirmation of that feature quite yet.

Smart speakers have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, but smart displays offer some advantages over their screen-less speaker counterparts. They can show glanceable info like the time and weather as well as timers and you can use them for video calling if the device includes a camera. They also let you watch videos, which can be useful for watching a show while you’re in the kitchen or viewing a video recipe.

What do you think of this leaked Google Home Hub? Do you have any interest in a smart display?