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Facebook will remove content with misinformation about coronavirus

When it comes to the spread of misinformation in a public emergency situation, social media takes the limelight for all the wrong reasons.
With the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring coronavirus a public health emergency, Facebook announced the steps it is taking to stop the spread of misinformation about the virus.
Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers will review content and debunk false claims related to coronavirus. Content with false claims or conspiracy theories will also be removed, the official blog notes.
False cures or prevention methods such as drinking bleach to cure coronavirus have also been doing the rounds of the internet. Facebook will block or restrict such content and related hashtags used to spread misinformation on Instagram as well.
It will lead users to appropriate information through relevant posts from verified partners on top of the News Feed. When users search for related terms on Facebook or Instagram, it will show a pop-up with credible information. (ANI)

This Story has been sourced from ANI

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