Apple's 2020 iPad will be seen In iPhone 11 Pro Max look

Image credit- OnLeaks

Apple’s 2020 iPad will be seen In iPhone 11 Pro Max look

Apple is reportedly planning to give the same look as they given to iPhone 11 Pro to their next upcoming iPad 2020.

Since the iPhone launched their latest iPhone 11 pro in last September, iPhone doesn’t get the same buzz for their handset as they use to get at the time of all previous models.
People are not liking that there is not major upgrade into the performance of the handset and also doesn’t digest the fact that unusual camera setup into the iPhone 11 Pro. Which is not aligned into the sequence which iPhone use to do.
Now as per the media report Apple going to give the same look and feel to the next iPad 2020 as they have given to the iPhone 11 Pro.
OnLeaks has shared a tweet with some images for the upcoming iPad 2020.

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