Apple iPhone 5s price slashed to Rs 22,500


<![CDATA[Starting at Rs 22,000, Apple’s iPhone 5s is now retailing for half the launch price in India.

Apple iPhone 5s with 16GB storage is now available for Rs 22,500. Online the price of the phone is even more cheaper.

Buy Iphone 5s at low prive : Rs – 21,450.00

If your budget is low, Apple iPhone is what you desire above all, iPhone 5s is a good option and knowing the quality of Apple devices, this one will easily last for two years without trouble.

However, there is a chance that the iPhone 5s, (launched in 2013) might not get the iOS 10 update. If the update comes, the phone might just become slower as it has happened in the past for some users on older iOS devices.

Plus some of newer features might be restricted to iPhone 6 series and above.

However, the company has not officially announced a price-cut.