10 Best Things for Gamers at CES 2017


<![CDATA[CES 2017 came and went and as expected there was a ton of cool new text shown off. We're here to talk about the best things for gamers shown at CES 2017

Acer Predator : We are sure you guys have already seen pictures of this one floating around on the internet it’s absurd it weighs almost pounds has a inch curved display has 2gtx 8i tracking can store up to 5 storage drives at once and as for speakers and two subwoofers. The touchpad can be flipped over and use as a numeric keypad and unlike the new macbook pro it also has an SD card slot it’s also stupid big like really dumb big. Look at this thing it’s insanely huge tits the size of three babies but it is the first laptop with a curved display so I guess that’s pretty cool but at least for your money not only are you getting an insane laptop. You are also getting a weapon and possibly a bed depending on how tall you are.

Sony Bravia : This part of the nicest thing we saw at CES 2017 and by that like the prettiest looking piece of tech drawing over it. Look at this thing it’s beautiful, it’s inches and as a k oled display and it’s super crazy slim there’s a little to no bezel and it’s tan works just like a picture frame stand so you can you know prop it up and lean it back a picture frame which is the perfect setup for my cat to jump on it and attempt to tightrope across the edge and not go over and ruin it so I’m really looking forward to that little supports Toby vision runs android TV and it has chrome casting built into it so you can scream at your google home to control it and because of this he being so thin and having an almost edge display there’s no room for speakers sosoni to something really cool and the sound actually comes from behind the display using Sony’s acoustic surface technology and this is one of things that just makes it such a cool piece attacking

up next number eight with the tackling VR system i think i said that right and this consists of a pair of shoes and gloves and they’re designed to build that feeling of immersion even more than you already get with a VR headset the shoes haptic feedback to simulate you walking on different surfaces like wood and water etc and the gloves really don’t actually like gloves but it’s just a different take on your controllers and we’ve kind of already seen it before but at the same time I love stuff like this and anything that furthers the Artek that we have I i want to see I want to touch and I’m super curious to see how far vr can go

up next number seven we have nvidia geforce now now the service itself isn’t knew it was previously only available on nvidia shield devices but now it’s coming to pc and mac of this March now all those triplea graphically intensive games that your mac or pc can’t run are now playable and of course isn’t free it’ll cost you twentyfive dollars for about hours of gameplay and there will be multiple GP tears well some might say that the pricing is a little much it’s still just awesome that this really opens up video games or bigger audience at the end of the day that’s what we all want we want people to experience some of these amazing games that we get to experience it

up next number we have liquid sky this is another streaming service very similar to nvidia geforce now and lets you play games on your mac and pc and other devices just like geforce but a big difference between this and geforce that this is technically free in some ways but you know a Spotify free but you have to listen to ads from time to time well this kinda does the same thing watching ads actually give you credits to play with and there’s a cap for three hours worth of credits per day which I can easily play more than three hours a day and the thought of being capped at that is a little weird there’s also paid here starting at nine ninetynine a month for 8 hours of the lowest set up hours of pro and hours of the elite set up the sky also claims to offer the lowest latency which is definitely the biggest worry for a service like this and I think we’re definitely going to start seeing more services like this in the future it

up next number five we have another piece of VR tech the HTC vive tracker now the VR sets on the market it’s time for a ton of accessories start coming out one of the accessories and HTC showed off of CES is pretty interesting it’s just this black puck looking thing essentially just put it on an object and it takes that and put it in the game at their booth HTC showed off with a few different objects for to the things that stood out to me was the baseball bat in the fire hose and what’s really cool and interesting about these two objects in particular is that they weren’t attached 8to a game but they were attached more to a simulator like a training simulator had a video game and they aren’t meant for nuvi our users before more seasoned ones so Josh 8no really shouldn’t run out by this thing and attach it to a baseball bat and start swinging around their liver it’s probably gonna end very badly these VR headsets alone in such an amazing piece of technology and now that we’re able to start taking real life objects and put them into VR is unreal and

up next time before we have the alt were climbing workstation y’all were climbing workstation is another one of the crazy products we got to see at CES 2017 I mean look at this thing it has different positions that can go in and whether you’re in the sitting position or in the lying down position the monitor mountain moves with it and moves into the optimal viewing angle so there really isn’t much adjusting it also has a laptop mount that will keep your laptop floating above you for use and from everything I’ve read it’s supposed to be pretty comfortable and lying down working supposedly works better than you would think it would and the price of comfort isn’t cheap this thing cost fifteen hundred dollars which is pretty steep and definitely isn’t gonna be purchased by everyone just definitely only for someone who is looking for a workstation that is probably more comfortable than actually working in their own bed it

up next number through have raised our project Ariana razor always has wacky project going on at CES and while most of them are just kind of concept designs don’t actually get released they’re still really cool to see this one is a high definition video projector that uses razors chroma software to project lights and parts of the game onto the wall of wherever you’re playing which I guess is pretty cool i don’t think it’s something that I would use personally I think it would honestly freak me out of it to seal this shit flying around me but the tech is really cool it uses an ultra wide fisheye lens is able to communicate with whatever game you’re playing in real time to create the lights and effects that projects on your wall up next number two with super retro boy retro bits newest console remake comes in the form of the super retro boy and this is just like a fun piece of technology it does look and feel like the OG gameboy and that’s because it’s supposed to it’s a remake of that console but it isn’t a straight up rip of the gameboy obviously legally that is allowed but definitely does resemble it quite a bit it’s set to release this August before and I’ll definitely keep my eyes on it it max number one we have the razr project Valerie show you guys have seen this already this thing is insane it’s pretty big boy but it’s packing a lot of side of it and it’s weird to see a big razor laptop because there are other one really try to go for more slim design but the reason this thing is a little bit heftier is because behind its inch monitor its packing two more inch monitor it also has in the video eforce gtx 8 in it as well so that’s definitely going to add a little more power and like i said before razor likes to make these crazy prototypes and never released somebody think that this one is one that I would actually want to see become a real thing like i think i might want to buy this and I don’t know if there’s something
wrong with me if that makes me a little bit insane but I just I wanted and those are the best things that we saw for gamers at CES 2017 there’s anything that we miss please let us know down in the comments i’m curious to see what you guys have to say and like this video really does help us out quite a bit and if you guys don’t already know we put out videos like this every single day the best way to see them is subscribing to the channel once again i’m into the new guy and i’ll see you next time right here in game ranks