Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review: What's new, whats good and whats bad


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Redmi note 4g follows the same design language as a red nose sweet but it’s light curves on the back as we have seen on the show. RedMi fight the metal back also feels sturdy other times the phone is also reasonably compact for a 5.5-inch device it also retains the excellent quality.  A new panel from last time with all its features within that the redmi note 4 runs on the Snapdragon 625 SOC presumably to enhance battery, however, that is still a big step down from the Snapdragon 650 horsepower. We would like you to believe that makes sense but given the North trees already excellent battery lights it really doesn’t at least not to us on its own.
The redmi note for decent Vietnam be with reasonably low Apple science but we did notice lie starters right lane heavy game that uses both the GPS capabilities and data or Wi-Fi services.  The redmi note 4 has a 13-megapixel camera on the back with every point or after and four-millimeter focal lengths comparing alongside the redmi note 3. One thing is a definite improvement scholars are woman even oversaturated our time it is also showered with more details than before the north or does indeed have a better camera than the regular 3, however it still had some weaknesses the details at lord & highlights are clips very often almost everyone that interviewed last year was behind the redmi note 3 . when it came to performance, we have compromised performance to act with battery life this time that and a slightly bigger 4100 me about patching in regular uses. Lot of full day without making a quick this though is hardly noticeable upgrade to the redmi note 3 you do get better battery life by almost 50 it’s impressive but not as good as a little we do the show me that we don’t fall as fast last long as a function display and an improved camera that makes a decent smartphone to buy however it is neither the best value at this right in order to upgrade to the rain no street the xiaomi redmi note for isn’t slow enough to be a worry but it is you’re in terms of raw power but shall we have started accordance with our pricing that was a cool one is faster and has a better camera and only apply to your battery life thank you for doing individual and for more videos like watching and share you views in comment section below.