Snapchat will add new feature “Stories Everywhere”

As we all know Snapchat was the first one who introduce a stories on social media platform and this feature got so much of popularity, and Facebook & Instagram also adopted the feature and recently You also added a feature called ‘Real’ which is quite similar to the snapchat stories.

Now, Snapchat is planning to add a new feature for snapchat users call ‘Stories Everywhere’ with this features users can share their stories on other apps as well as on the web.

On other hand, Instagram recently added two new features called Stories Highlights and Stories Archive. With these features users of Instagram can highlight their stories and this will remain on their timeline till the user can not remove or edit the same and also check their old stories from the archive features.

Lets see Snapchat new feature will do give some competition of Instagram and Facebook or not. What do you thing which one you like most, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat stories ?

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