Samsung launched Lets Flip, digital whiteboard


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It’s time to say goodbye to your old white board markers as Samsung come up with a new product which makes you more technology lover.  Samsung released a Flip digital whiteboard (Interactive digital flip chart ). The 55-inch 4K display lets up to four people draw or add content at once, whether they’re using their fingers or a dual-sided pen.
As the name suggested you can flip this board to vertical or horizontal depends on your usage or room size. You also a option for wall mound if you want to fix the same permanently. Also you can connect you mobile or PC through USB or wireless to show your own content on the screen.
Samsung Flip will be available for Europe and US markets from January onwards, howevers prices are not yet disclosed.
What do you thing, is this  Interactive digital flip board will change the overall era of school and office from old white board into a digital world.