Biggest mistake of my life that I felt to shop from Croma

One of the worst customer service I have ever faced in my whole life. I was looking for one gadget name “Google ChromeCast” for same I was placing order as well. while processing the order, Suddenly website got some error and the order went stuck, I was making the payment by PayTm.

Within a second I got message from Paytm stating that 3178 has been deducted from my account. I was surprised as the ordering product price was only 3099. Instantly I called Croma customer care and informed about whats happened with me. They said, don’t worry money will be credited back to your account within 48 hours. They asked me to give same on email as well. I emailed whole scenario then n there.

Got a call very next day, a lady called n said i’ll get money back in 24 hours. After 2 days I called again and asked the status, agent said, we cant do anything as we have not received money. I was surprised, I called Paytm and taken all information, Paytm gave me on email that amount was successfully transferred to Croma.

Spoken to floor supervisor name “Dinesh” he was very rude, he said that I am the most senior person on Croma, I am saying u’ll get money within 48 hours. I asked him to give me written on email that I am going to get money.
he refused, after pushing me a lot, he said fine I am giving u.

Now today once again I tried to speak to customer care, gave email as well, but got same answer. Today when I again spoken to floor supervisor name ” Sai Naydu” he used same statement as he is the one n the max in company. he was behaving same as he runs this brand and owns this brand. He was behaving same as Supervisor “Dinesh” was behaving on call. I felt no point to debate. as these guys wont help me..

I asked him to give me email id instead of customer care. He said no other way to contact, He refused to share any manager’s name as well.

People those who work here feels as they are the owner of the brand. as during one conversation with customer support, the supervisor said to me,” I am the one and the max authority to whom u can talk, being a customer u can not talk to anyone else” I  was speechless, after hearing this shit. No customer satisfaction, no customer service..

Tried reaching you many times on emails, gave almost 7-8 eamils, but no one have even checked them as I felt, I was expecting calls after writing, but I had to call by my self as no one was there to ans me on emails.

The lady who is replying me on email is – Mobina. I am surprised, in today’s time, we still have customer service like this.. I am very very surprise to get a customer service and behaviour on call. Sharing few screen shots for your reference..

Whenever I called and asked u guys to transfer call to supervisor, every time the only ans I  got ” Supervisor” is on another escalation. they asked me to wait. n that wait was more then 30 mins.

Seems as every single customer is an escalation for u guys. thats y no one talk to customer care executive, every one want to talk to “Supervisor”

I am actually hoping that someone will take action against this, or these people will behave same with every customer. these guys behaved as the are Mr Ratan Tata and owns brand..

Shame on u croma Customer support!!

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